P1038603.JPGBallooning in Lithuania during the last 20 years has been expanding rapidly. That is why we started “Balloon Service” activity. Our pilots has huge experience.

Some of them carries passengers more than 20 years from now. Hot air balloon, as well as all other gear and equipment, like fuel cylinders, envelope or other parts needs to be changed or repaired from time to time. In 2005 “Balloon Service” was founded. Soon we got a technician license from one of the baggiest Balloon manufacturers in England – “Cameron Balloons”. Today, “Balloon Service” in Lithuania can offer not only passenger caring service, but also repair all air balloon technique, like: burners, basket weave, sew envelope tears, sew up a new or repair old ads on the envelope. Also we make annual Hot air Balloon technique inspection. All activities carried out in “Balloon Service premises, which is in one of the oldest and still operating air-port in Europe (Lithuania Kaunas Aleksotas Air-port area). This Kaunas Darius and Girenas air-port has recently celebrated the 90th anniversary.

“Balloon Service” is the only one in Baltic countries offering such services.